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Antistatic hand brushes for discharging static charge and removing loose dust particles


In many fields of technology, optics and the industry, Kinetronics antistatic brushes are the ideal solution for fighting dust. For example, they clean the surfaces of films and free film strips from electrically charged particles. They effectively remove dust from expensive lenses without endangering the coating through scratching. The larger brushes are also ideally suited for removing dust, dirt and static electricity from glass panes in picture framing and plate copying. They make the picture, the film or the printing plate dustfree and statically neutral. This means that they also become dirty considerably slower, since there is no static charge to attract the dust again.

Kinetronics antstatic brushes consist of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres permanently set in a handle made of conductive plastic. If the brushes become dirty they can be washed using mild shampoo. After washing, the fibres should be combed and dried on a flat surface overnight. The antistatic properties of the brushes are not affect- ed by cleaning. The brushes cannot be used at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius. Kinetronics antistatic brushes are available in six different lengths. We also supply the 100, 140 and 280 millimetre wide brushes with an grounding cord. This is advantageous in the event of extreme, recurring electrical charges.