SWG - antistatic brush for industrial applications

Min: €0 Max: €400

SWG - Antistatic brushes

Wherever belt-type materials are processed nonstop, static electricity is automatically generated. Through the winding and unwinding, the deflection around rollers and the friction in the sliding elements, cause charged particles to gather and form considerable electrostatic charges. This can lead to problems in further processing, and may even damage the processed material. 

Paper, all types of plastic foil and textiles can be protected using Kinetronics antistatic G brushes. The brushes are available in six lengths from 100 to 600 millimetres. An easy-to-attach bracket with magnetic foot is also included to mount the brush. Two adjustable ball-and-socket joints on the bracket allow universal adjustment. The cable discharges the static electricity to ground. Special dimensions are available on request.