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Deliveries within the European Union

Sales tax identification number (VAT): 

We can only carry out deliveries within the European Union - Intra-Community deliveries - if you have a valid VAT identification number: Please note that we cannot carry out deliveries within the European Union without the VAT identification number as well as the correct legal form of the company and the address belonging to the VAT identification number, as we are unfortunately legally obliged to check your VAT identification number with the Federal Central Tax Office (

Information from you:

We require the following information in order to prepare a quotation or process your order quickly and correctly:

  • Sales tax identification number
  • Your order number, if available
  • E-mail address for PDF invoices
  • E-mail address for order confirmations if different
  • Billing address with legal form of the company
  • Delivery address and recipient if different
  • Our supplier number if available

Shipping within the European Union:

As a standard, we always ship with UPS. The shipping costs from 1 - 32 kg can be found under the following link:

Shipping costs 1 - 32 kg per UPS

Current information on shipping costs, such as the "PEAK" surcharges from UPS for heavy parcels in the months of October to December, can always be found in our "Shipping costs" section. Shipping with your customer number via FEDEX/TNT or UPS is generally possible. If you wish to ship with DHL using your customer number, this is also possible. However, we are caught in a bureaucratic trap with DHL. In order to enter a shipment into the DHL system, a customer number of the sender is mandatory. However, as we do not send any shipments at our expense with DHL, we do not receive a customer number and therefore cannot enter any shipments into the DHL system. Due to this situation, we ask you to arrange the collection yourself in such a case and to send us the DHL label by e-mail.

Chain transactions within the European Union!

If you are based in a country of the European Union and wish to have your order delivered to an address in another country of the European Union, you must order collection from us yourself for VAT reasons in the EU. In this case, please send us the shipping labels by e-mail and let us know when you place your order so that we do not charge you the shipping costs. Cancellation of the shipping costs at a later date is generally excluded. If possible, in such a case we ask for collection by UPS, as we have a special, additional form of bureaucracy in the Federal Republic of Germany with the confirmation of arrival.

Entry certificate

Why do we need a "confirmation of arrival" or "entry certificate"? For every shipment to countries in the European Union, the German seller must be able to provide proof of shipment in the event of a VAT audit. If we ship with UPS, we automatically have this confirmation in the UPS system. If we ship the goods with TNT/FEDEX or DHL, we can find the document in their systems under the tracking number of the shipping document, but we have to log into the respective parcel service's system each time, which costs us a lot of time. If the goods are collected by a carrier, we do not have this option. We therefore require a carrier's certificate. We have to present this to the relevant tax office for an inspection. Welcome to German bureaucracy hell.