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The SpeckGRABBER® removes individual dust and dirt particles from sensitive surfaces without leaving any residue and without damaging them. For this purpose, it has a tip with high adhesive force, which is brought into contact with the particle.

In this way, camera sensors (or their cover glass), SRL mirrors, lenses and eyepieces, but also films, slides, glasses of picture frames or other sensitive surfaces can be freed from dirt particles.

The tip can be cleaned with detergent solution, water or soap solution without affecting the adhesive forces. Please note that the SpeckGRABBER® must be cleaned before each application to avoid additional soiling. The SpeckGRABBER® is only placed on the surface carefully and it must not be rubbed over the surfaces.

Available versions:


SGP: SpeckGRABBER® Pro with rubber coated handle.

SGXL: SpeckGRABBER® XL for removing dirt particles from framed pictures, 298 mm long. 2 pieces.

NOTE: Kinetronics assumes no liability for improper use of the instrument or for damage resulting therefrom or from failure to comply with these operating instructions.

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