Antistatic film cleane StaticVac SV-4400U

The perfect way to clean at cinema projectors and minilabs

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StaticVac SV-4400U - The perfect way to clean cinema film and foto negatives

This antistatic film cleaner works with an electronic bipolar ionization system. The direct current system generates positive and negative ions. These neutralise all charged particles carried by the dirty film strip. Most dust and lint is removed by the soft antistatic brushes. The rest is cleaned by the fan, which sucks dirt into the integrated filter. All dirt then remains in the unit. For regular maintenance, the ionization system can be opened and cleaned using a Q-TIP. The antistatic brushes can also be easily removed and washed with a mild shampoo. The StaticVac is UL, CE-tested and has passed the required tests for electromagnetic compatibility, EMC. The function principle is explained by the diagram. Comprehensive accessories facilitate installation.

Kinetronics StaticVac manual

Video StaticVac Maintenance