TSK Touch Screen Cleaning Kit

Touch Screen Cleaning Kit with antistatic cloth PC 450 x 250 mm and ACS cleaning solution for TFT's in spray bottle 2 oz = 58 ml, packed in zip-top bag

Cleaning set for screens

Touchscreen monitors of terminals or kiosk systems, for instance for order stations for pictures, are naturally covered with many fingerprints and possibly contaminated with germs. The TSK Cleaning Set is a cost-effective and important tool for kiosk/terminal operators, protecting their customers against germs and ensuring a clear picture on the monitor.
The set contains:

  • A 29 ml (1 oz) spray bottle with Precision Cleaning Solution (PLC1) for killing germs and dissolving dirt particles.

  • A Panther Anti-static Microfiber Cloth capable of collecting a great amount of dirt.