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  • SpeckGRABBER SG for removing dirt particles

SpeckGRABBER SG for removing dirt particles

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Kinetronics SpeckGRABBER for removing small dirt particles from glasses, filters, chips and other highly sensitive surfaces

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Clean the tip of the SpeckGRABBER before each use. Do not touch the tip - the skin grease on your fingers will get onto the surface to be cleaned. Here the detailed operating instructions for the SpeckGRABBER
The SpeckGRABBER is a special instrument designed to remove individual particles of dust and dirt from sensitive surfaces without damaging the surface to be cleaned. Such cleaning tasks were previously only possible in controlled laboratory environments.
Although the SpeckGRABBER is easy to operate, it must be used properly to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Before using it on sensitive surfaces, it is advisable to practice with the instrument on a non-sensitive surface (e.g., a mirror or a piece of glass). Please read these instructions carefully!
Basic information on the function of the instrument
The SpeckGRABBER is a handle with a tip made of a special material. This material has a unique tip with high adhesion force. This adhesion force is a property of the plastic that does not leave the slightest trace on the surface it touches, provided that the plastic is not contaminated.
Please note that the adhesive surface of the SpeckGRABBER tip quickly becomes contaminated. There are people who find it irresistible to touch the adhesive tip. However, once touched, it is contaminated with skin grease and can subsequently leave an unwanted smear on the surface. Dirt from its protective container can also adhere to the SpeckGRABBER. Regardless of the fact that the SpeckGRABBER has been cleaned before its delivery, the user is absolutely required to assume in principle that the tip of the SpeckGRABBER is dirty and to clean it before its first use.
If the SpeckGRABBER comes into contact with a particle (such as dust) that is sitting on a hard surface, it will adhere to the SpeckGRABBER due to the adhesive force of the plastic tip and can be removed quite easily. Please be sure to note that no pressure is required for the particle to adhere to the SpeckGRABBER - light contact is quite sufficient for this purpose.
This instrument is manufactured with the utmost care for cleanliness; however, Kinetronics cannot guarantee that the SpeckGRABBER will remain clean when shipped and subsequently handled. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the SpeckGRABBER is clean prior to use. It is imperative that the operating instructions for cleaning surfaces be followed to ensure proper operation of the SpeckGRABBER.
Operating instructions
As with any other instrument, the more practice the user has in using the instrument, the more skill he will develop and the better the cleaning results obtained will be. It is recommended that the purchaser of the SpeckGRABBER practice using the SpeckGRABBER on a mirror, a flat piece of glass or else on a smooth table surface until he has become familiar with the instrument and its operation and effect.
The SpeckGRABBER must be clean to be used efficiently. If you are not quite sure if the SpeckGRABBER is clean, you should basically assume that it is dirty and clean it. If you touch the tip of the SpeckGRABBER with a finger (or any other part of the skin), the tip is contaminated and must be cleaned. The SpeckGRABBER does not take any damage during its cleaning and can be cleaned and used again and again infinitely without being damaged by this. The SpeckGRABBER can be cleaned in different ways.
The best cleaning method, which however requires some practice, is to use the enclosed lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth. Apply a few drops of "Precision Cleaning" solution to the cloth and then immediately turn the tip of the SpeckGRABBER several times on the damp spot in the cloth. The cloth must be clean for this. Moisten a new spot in the cloth for each cleaning process. However, the SpeckGRABBER can also be cleaned with a normal cleaning agent and water.
Whichever of these options you choose, always make sure that the tip of the SpeckGRABBER is both dry and clean before using it again to remove dust particles. If the SpeckGRABBER is still wet when you use it again, it may stain the surface you are trying to clean. Once the SpeckGRABBER is clean, target the particle