LSK -Cleaning Set for Laptop/TFT/LCD Screens

Laptop Screen Cleaning Kit with anti-static cloth PC 450 x 250 mm and ACS Cleaning Solution for TFT's ect. in spray bottle 1 oz = 29 ml, packed in zip-top bag

LSK Cleaning Set for TFT and LCD screens

This set is specially conceived for cleaning LCD and TFT screens on laptops and portable DVD players. It contains a pump spray bottle with 29 ml (1 oz) of Aqueous Cleaning Solution (ACS1), a washable, alcohol-free, pH-neutral and multi-filtered cleaning solution. It contains tenside for dissolving fingerprints and other fatty residues. The solution does not attack the sensitive surface of the screens.

The set also contains an anti-static microfiber cloth (Panther Cloth), which can be used for preventing any electrostatic charges being generated and hence the possibility of an electrostatic discharge (ESD effect), which can cause serious damage. The fibers woven into the cloth also prevent all types of charges that attract dirt particles from the air.