LOK Laboratory Optics Cleaning Kit

Laboratory Optics Cleaning Kit with antistatic cloth ASC 450 x 250 mm and cleaning fluid PLC in spray bottle 1 oz = 29 ml, anti-static brush SW-020, SpeckGrabber SG and foam tips for use with PLC, packed in sturdy box

Article number: LOK

LOK - Laboratory Optics Cleaning Set

Small grains of dust or dirt on the optical components of laboratory equipment are particularly harmful and make careful work more difficult. The Laboratory Optics Cleaning Set contains everything required for efficiently combating dust in the laboratory:

  • A Panther Anti-static Microfiber Cloth 450 x 250 mm

  • Precision Cleaning Fluid (PLC1) in a 29 ml (1 oz) pump spray bottle

  • A SW-020 Anti-Static Brush


  • Cleaning Swabs for using the PLC cleaning solution

All components are packed in a robust plastic box.