MiniStat - antistatic brushes

Min: €0 Max: €200

MiniStat - the compact antistatic film cleaner

MiniStat antistatic film cleaners are used to clean films and copies for scanners, printers, minilabs, enlargers and projectors. Dust and static electricity are effectively removed during the framing of transparencies.

Two antistatic brushes gently clean the material from both sides at the same time, discharging static electricity. The MiniStat works without any main connection. The sturdy steel frame with bracket provides stability and increases the durability of the device to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning. The MiniStat is an ideal device for all companies that process films and desire high quality film processing. The device can be secured reliably and permanently, or can be variably positioned with the help of the enclosed magnets. Kinetronics supplies the MiniStat in four different sizes.