Min: €0 Max: €650

KSE is a compact high-performance antistatic device. Four brushes with electrically conductive fibres clean dust from both sides of the film and discharge unwanted and annoying static electricity. Between the two rows of brushes, a quiet electric fan neutralizes the dust particles off the surface of the film. The shaft of the fan is mounted on ball-bearings and the intake air is cleaned by means of a microfilter. The filter ensures that no new dirt can reach the surface of the film through the airstream.

The KSE machines come with a powerful magnetic bracket. This permanent magnet in the base of the unit secures the machine to all steel plate housings or steel unit frames. A pencil may be run back and forth to clean the brushes. In the event of greater dirt accumulation, the four antistatic brushes can easily be removed and washed with a mild shampoo. The compact KineStat Electric is available in four sizes.